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What is AIDA club card?

It’s a small plastic that indicates you are a loyal client of AIDA. It gives you the privilege to collect club points with every purchase at any AIDA store. You can then use your points to reduce the cost of future purchases in our stores. 


How to use the card?

Show your AIDA club card at the cashier’s desk every time you shop at AIDA. That way our cashiers will add the respective number of points to the ones you already have. The discount your club card grants you is valid and can be used for all our products.

Terms of use

You can use your AIDA club card every time you shop with us, regardless of the cost or type of products you have bought.

You can use the same AIDA card in all of our stores with no restriction. The card is not tied to the use of only one person so your friends and family can use it too when they shop with us.

Who can use ?

Every client of AIDA Supermarket can become part of our big family. How to do that? You just need to become a member of our client club and in return we will give you an AIDA club card.